Our vision, mission and values

We are curious at heart, which drives our desire to learn, implement and develop the solutions needed to bring offshore floating solar to market. We are driven by a desire to create impact in the world, which we achieve through speed and trust as the key cornerstones of relevance and collaboration.

Our vision

Electrifying the world with affordable, renewable and secure utility scale offshore floating solar energy.

Our mission

Accelerate the growth of offshore floating solar energy by deploying over 1 GW annually from 2030 onwards.

Our values


We are curious in all we do to drive our desire to learn, develop and implement.


We are aware of how our work empowers ourselves, our colleagues, and the society at large to make crucial change.


We are aware that our solutions require speed in in all we do for us to be relevant.


We share our competence and our expertise in our drive for excellence.

Company journey

SolarDuck represents rapid growth:

A start in evening hours: from idea to Eureka, to Patent

Powerful company boost by Katapult Ocean accelerator program

7 months from concept to full scale demonstrator

Our team

Board of directors

Non-executive board

SolarDuck b.v.
Aert van Nesstraat 45
3012 CA Rotterdam
Tel: +31 (0)85 732 67 83

" SolarDuck's 5 founders hail from the maritime & energy sector. They are experts on building ships, submarines and energy projects. This knowledge formed the base of designing SolarDuck's product. "

—  SolarDuck