Vacancy – Structural Engineer

SolarDuck is a start-up that was founded in 2018 by a group of senior Dutch entrepreneurs with roots at Damen Shipyards. With a strong background in maritime and solar industry we are developing scalable, seaworthy technology to produce economically viable electricity offshore. Offering carbon free energy independence to megacities around the globe before 2025.

In April 2021 our first floating solar demonstrator with four platforms was installed in the Waal river; see Figure 1. We are now preparing for a second demonstrator of 500kW to be placed in a near shore location in the North Sea, which is planned to be installed in October 2022. This demonstrator will allow the performance of our technology to be shown on real scale and in representative environmental conditions. The SolarDuck team is growing rapidly as the development of utility scale offshore solar farms progresses. (Don’t forget that floating wind energy was developed in just 5years time!) See for more information about our technology.

As a structural engineer you are responsible for the structural design, analysis and testing of our floating offshore solar platforms. You do this work in alignment with a team of professionals from diverse disciplines and backgrounds such as mechanical, structural, hydromechanical, electrical, etcetera. You approach each new engineering challenge in a structured manner. Define the problem, split it in smaller challenges, generate concept solutions and work down if these solutions can work. Then with first principles, analytical calculations and FEM analyse a structure for the ULS (yield, buckling,etc), FLS, ALS and SLS limit states. You optimize the structure for manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and cost. Where needed we test solutions in the lab and in the field to prove performance and classify the structure. You keep an overview of your work for others in minutes, reports and presentations. Finally to tackle future challenges you maintain an R&D agenda and network of partners.

Vacancy - Structural Engineer