Face the future

By 2030 the world's population will be as large as 8.5 billion people. 6 out of 10 people will live in a city.

Most of the megacities are struggling with land scarcity. The sea is increasingly explored as a place of expansion.

Energy demand will be increased by 38%. Mainly due to the rising wealth, electrification and digitization of societies in Asia.

Our solution outline

Solar energy

Tap into an abundant source of energy without jeopardizing global climate.


Delivering scalable solutions to harvest energy offshore, not compromising scarce land.

Smart management

All SolarDuck power plants are remotely controlled and hardly require maintenance.

Delivery to grid

Fully connected to the grid, safeguarding supply and competitively priced.

Conceptual benefits

Water based resulting in

  • Higher energy yield
  • Lower concession fees
  • Flat area
  • Lower installation costs

Offshore versus inshore

  • Available area inshore is relatively small.
  • Offshore areas are plentiful
  • Inshore areas often used as recreational.

Benefits over offshore wind

  • Shorter transmission lines
  • Less maintenance, due to less moving parts
  • No horizon pollution
  • Less space required per MW installed

Latest news

SolarDuck is proud to announce it has been featured by pv magazine!If you want to know more about our technology, company and what we intend to accomplish, have a look at the article by clicking the button below.

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About Solarduck

SolarDuck has been founded in 2018 by a group of senior Dutch entrepreneurs. With a strong background in maritime and solar industry we are developing scalable, seaworthy solutions to safely mass produce electricity offshore. Offering independent electric power to megacities without any carbon emissions.

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When a good idea starts to grow, part of the job is to move it around. Just see what different people think and get people talking about it.Interested?

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