We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We have made some major milestones and developments this year and we look forward to continuing our progress. We would like to thank all (research-) partners, suppliers, investors and SolarDuck colleagues including our board for their contribution this year. We look forward to keep working together in the coming years to make commercial offshore floating solar a reality.

Below you can see a simulation of our platforms tackling a 14m North Sea design wave in a 6.5 MWp Christmas tree configuration. Our hydrodynamic time-domain simulations are performed in OrcaFlex and are set up with in-house developed parametric code. The automated parametric set-up and processing of results allows us to efficiently prepare simulations and analyze the results needed for design iterations. It also allows us to efficiently test different mooring set-ups and configurations such as this Christmas Tree.

Are you an experienced structural or mechanical engineer who has New Year’s resolutions to make the world a better place whilst working on a complex engineering challenge? Check out the vacancies on our website!